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It is in the month of October where we have Breast cancer awareness taking place. This is an annual public and official event which is aimed at bringing information to the people regarding the causes, symptoms, effects and most important how to prevent one from contracting the disease. Similarly fund raisings are held to assist the breast cancer victims. Many people may be aware of the existence of the disease but all the same they need regular reminding to go for screenings so as to help detect breast cancer in its early stages. Thus, breast cancer screening is performed during these campaigns and this see a large number of people availing themselves as well as their families. It is a very rare case for you to find someone walking to a health center to get screened for breast cancer not unless recommended to do so by a doctor. Thus these breast cancer awareness campaigns serve a great role as they help people know their health status against breast cancer and learn more about it as well.

Similarly, it is through the information provided through these campaigns as well as interactions with other breast cancer victims that stigma is reduced among the people suffering from the disease. It also acts as a way of encouraging the public to take responsibility an assist these victims.

The pink ribbon is used majorly as a symbol to depict these breast cancer campaigns. Mostly it is used as a brand concept which helps increase the number of people supporting this noble project; it also ties together the fear of cancer, hope and believe of successful treatment. Other than that, sales of the ribbons, t-shirts, caps and other fancy brands act as a way of raising funds which helps in propelling these campaigns. Corporate organizations and sponsors also play a major role in funding these projects as well. The public also contribute to raising funds through national fundraisings and personal contributions as well. It should be noted that the pink ribbon acts as a way of showing individual generosity, enabling people to have faith in the scientific and medical processes while maintaini9ng a positive attitude about getting healed.

These projects contribute majorly in most women accessing mammograms and biopsies. To add onto that most people get screened thus more cancer detections are made at an early stage which makes it possible for the breast cancer to be treated. These campaigns also have played a major role in informing the people on breast cancer thus reducing stigma seeing more people accepting to live with the disease.

These campaigns have been recognized and encouraged by most governments and other organizations like the media. More people should continue investing in this project so as to promote mammography and early cancer detections which are the major ways of fighting breast cancer. So, personal participation in the walks, runs, fundraisings and contributions will be a major way in showing your support in trying to eradicate breast cancer. Participation in the breast cancer awareness campaign is open to everyone regardless of sex or age and everyone is encouraged to participate.