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Green energy is a term used to refer to a form of energy that is produced from renewable sources. This is the kind of energy that does not contribute to the carbon emission into the atmosphere. These are kinds of energy that can be used for a long time without polluting the environment. Some of the most common forms of this energy include, wind power, hydroelectric power, solar power and many other forms of power. Lets now take a close look at this form of power and their advantages.

Wind power

Wind has been in use for many centuries, in the ancient day sailors used the wind to drive boats along the ocean. For example, the sailors traveling to the African coast used wind to drive their boats. The wind was also used for many other purposes including winnowing and drawing of water from wales. Today wind is a very important source of energy. Wind is harnessed by having giant turbines that are rotated by the motion of the wind. The turbines are connected to generators that produce electricity. The advantage of using this source of energy is that the wind is availability and also has no pollution.

Geothermal power

The crust of the earth contains a lot of heat. This heat at times heat up the water that is under the surface of the earth forcing it to come out of the surface with a very high pressure. The water passes through vents and faults and ejects from the surface in the form of steam at very high pressure. The energy from the water is harnessed by having turbines constructed on the faults. The high pressure steam rotates the turbine that is connected to generators that produce electricity. The electrical power can in turn be transmitted by the national grid to homes and industries

Solar power

The sun is a very good source of energy. The development of photovoltaic cells has seen the use of the sun as a source of energy being a great success. The photovoltaic cells work in a manner that when the sun hits the cells it knocks of electrons that move in a particular direction creating an electric field. This technology has been improved in the past years and now it is being used in homes industry and even in business. One of the merits of using this form of energy is that it is cheaply available. It also goes without a mention that the power from the sun is readily available.


This is the most famous power source all over the world. In this technology water is used to move or rotate turbines that are connected to generators that in turn produce electricity. The water that is used in this case is water that is in motion. There is great advantage of using this energy source, which is that pollution to the environment is greatly reduced. The other advantage of using hydroelectric power is that the water is readily available making the energy source quite a reliable one.


It is one of the green energy type. Biomass is a form of energy produced from any decomposing matter. In this case, the decomposing substance produces a gas called methane. The gas can be used to cook in the home, provide lighting and many other home uses. The use of this fuel is efficient and reduces environmental pollution.

In a nutshell there is a very wide range of green energy that can be used. There is a need to shift from the energy sources that are dangerous to the environment and empress this source of energy that are both efficient and convenient to use. Environmental sustainability and regeneration will be achieved only if we look at these sources of energy.